How to Become a House Flipper

So basically the term of flipping a house, indicates a process, where an individual or an agency, buy a house or property, repair it and then resell, earning a profit in that process. This by itself sounds very lucrative, and while it is true that you might win a lot of money, on the other side few bad moves, you could lose everything you have invested.

Before becoming a house flipper, be sure to think about it wisely, as it is not a hobby, it is a business which requires 100 % commitment and lots of patience. So if you believe that you cannot do that, it’s better not to start at all. If you think that you might do this, then you have to start off by focusing on few things: Continue reading “How to Become a House Flipper”

Are Millennials Buying Homes?

So as this 2016 year is slowly coming to an end, and a new year is approaching us a lot of questions are raised. Mostly considering the trends that are currently visible, and those are that mortgage rates are really close to all-time low and that there has been a significant imbalance between sellers and buyers. This mostly means that there are not enough houses for medium-class citizens or people simply do not want to sell them at a lower rate than what they are actually worth.

Among everything else, there is a question; are actually millennials buying houses?

The answer on this one, unfortunately, is easy.

No, they are not. Continue reading “Are Millennials Buying Homes?”

Insider Tips on How to Effectively Market Your Real Estate Business

It is pretty simple. Whether you are an individual real estate agent, or you actually have your own agency, you try to do everything in your power to be successful. In the times we are living, promoting yourself is literally everything, meaning that no matter how good you are, if no one hears for you, it does not matter. So you want to invest both time and money in marketing yourself the best way possible.

There has been a debate, for last few years, especially with the rise of social networks, is digital or traditional marketing better? Also, there are more and more companies interested in creating promotive content.  For example these super high quality real estate calendars are a cost effective form of “gettin your name out there”. In our opinion that discussion is needless, as both can work equally well, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Having this in mind, there are few things you might want to work out:

Magnets East Calendars Continue reading “Insider Tips on How to Effectively Market Your Real Estate Business”

US Economy and the Housing Bubble

If we look at U.S. economy, we can see that it is substantially affected by Housing Bubblehousing sector, whether it is pushing it forward or holding it back, depending on few factors. Due to this, there have been two big, bubble bursts, with recession becoming a reality, in 1990 and 2008. This not only had an impact on the USA but on the world in general. And now, almost a decade after the last one, there has been more and more fear, that it might happen again.

So basically, a recession or housing bubble occurs, when there are financial excess one or more sectors. As we already said, housing is one of the most important, so people are fearing that some changes could lead to a crash are not wrong. So when a bubble bursts, prices have to rise even more than expected, and suddenly. Sharp raising is not a problem, that is normal, but once it goes over the expectations, therefore, a problem is created.

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2016 Real Estate Market Trends

Let’s face it; there is not any sector that is more important for the U.S. economy than housing.

Looking at the past few years, the real estate market has been at risk of disappearing, with new options emerging from the corner, and not many new houses being built. But, looking at the current year we are living in, 2016, we can say that things are slowly getting better, but still not in the best shape yet!

Looking at some charts, mostly developed from banks or widely recognized financial advisors, we can come up with few trends. For this year, here is some info to keep in mind: Continue reading “2016 Real Estate Market Trends”

Welcome to Our Blog: All Things Real Estate!

The purpose of this blog is to help people who are already in real estate industry and to aid the ones that are just starting, by giving out some techniques and tips.

If you are just starting your career or thinking whether to join the real estate industry, this post should help you out. Some of you might know that real estate term actually indicates a property, along with all buildings and resources on it. But other than this, it also stands for a legal name or profession, based on buying, selling or renting properties.

So now that is settled, we want to inform you of some basic terms and concepts of the real estate industry: Continue reading “Welcome to Our Blog: All Things Real Estate!”